McCain Deserves the Best, But So Do We

Senator John McCain, a man battling aggressive brain cancer, voted yes today on the motion to proceed on repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA.)

I had wanted to write about McCain ever since a friend called my husband a Nazi for criticizing McCain’s votes on health care and how those votes tempered his sympathy for McCain’s condition.  However, cooler heads prevailed and pointed out to me that criticizing an ill man was in poor taste.  I agreed, and decided to take time to mull over the topic and my feelings towards it.

Today is the day I speak up.  Senator McCain is well enough that he flew to Washington D.C. for the sole purpose of voting to move forward on stripping healthcare access from millions of Americans.

How many of them have cancer?

Senator McCain deserves top quality healthcare, regardless of his ideologies or votes.  He deserves innovative treatments and a supportive, compassionate care environment.

We all deserve that level of care.

No illness removes the responsibility for the vote Senator McCain cast today.  He reserves some of the best health care in the world for himself while voting to remove access to healthcare from our loved ones.

Do not let anyone tell you that McCain’s illness makes him immune to criticism.  It does not.  If anything, his vote today shows how immune our legislators already are to the consequences of their actions.


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