Muslim Leaders React to SCOTUS Decision

June 27, 2017

By:  Heather Ryan

(Warning: Graphic photographic content included)

American Muslim Alliance Chair and Iowa Representative Ako Abdul-Samad (D) is incensed about the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold portions of Executive Order 13769 yesterday (June 26, 2017) and who can blame him?  The American Muslim Alliance has been working on outreach and education in an effort to combat fear of the Muslim faith since 2003.  In a matter of 157 days, the Trump administration tore apart decades of work by passionate, tireless leaders.

“The Statue of Liberty states very plainly that we welcome the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breath free.”  Abdul-Samad stated. “It does not have a provision for religion, economic status or national origin.”  The point is solid and valid, when the Supreme Court upheld a provision in the order which allows the government a 90 day stay on all refugees and an annual limit to admission of 50,000.

For just a moment, let us review what that means.  Refugees, as in, human beings who are running away from being slaughtered via weapons of war, rape, chemical weapons, genocide and everything in between are now excluded from being absorbed into the Great Melting Pot.  Just to be clear, these are the same refugees who Donald Trump claimed to be so moved by their slaughter, via chemical weapons, that he launched Tomahawk missiles into Syria.  The same refugees whose lifeless bodies have been washed up on beeches.   Refugees who don’t necessarily seek to come to the United States but would rather be in their own home.  Homes where they attended school, went to work, worshiped, visited family and lead full lives.  Until they couldn’t.

Aylan Kurdi was a real, 3 year old child refugee. Until he died.

But Trump’s campaign strategy was to stir up deep seated hate.  So this blazing example of legislation based in heartless fear mongering was one of the very first promises he attempted to fulfill.  Until yesterday, leaders like Ako Abdul-Samad hoped that the High Court would be the last voice of reason in an otherwise chaotic world.  “This action sets back the human and civil rights struggles for which Ghandi and Martin Luther King gave their lives.” he stated.

I agree.  This Supreme Court decision is not only a travesty of justice, it is a horrid embarrassment about which our country will one day look back at and hang our heads in shame.




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