President Trump Broke Comedy

President Trump, in his march to destroy America so he can make it great again, has destroyed comedy. That seem too hyperbolic to you? Watch this.

If you prefer to see the whole monologue here it is. It will give you a better sense of how hot the crowd was for the show. We’re discussing the bit that starts at 6:04.

The bit starts with the setup that Trump’s meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel went badly. The punchline wasn’t Maher’s best, but the response the audience gave, and that Maher gave back to the audience shows how ridiculous our government has become.

At 6:30, Maher starts his punchline:

“And then after the meeting [Pres. Trump] tweeted, “Lousy meeting with German Chancellor Barney Rubble. Low energy. Unattractive. Didn’t even wanna make me pop a tic tac.”

A few people laugh, but the groans are more audible. The various guffaws and intakes of breath indicating shock and surprise were even louder.

Maher took this to be a common response he receives during his monologue, a ‘politically correct’ rejection of a joke because it might be offensive to someone somewhere, which is largely driven by the audience’s desire not to appear to reward ‘offense’, a common virtue signalling behavior from people with leftie politics.

Watch it again. 6:40. I’ll wait.

The audience’s response wasn’t to the perceived inappropriateness of mocking Merkel’s appearance while playing Trump.

How did you respond?


The shock was created by the fact that the audience had no idea that Maher was starting his punchline. That Maher was telling a joke.

The audience thought Maher was reporting that Pres. Trump, after meeting with a foreign leader, had actually tweeted that she was unattractive and boring.

Trump is impossible to lampoon because his behavior is self-reflexively mocking. He has created skatoskatos. The shit that shits itself.

If this article has robbed the humor of your life, take this chance to Poop On Trump.


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