PVI Reports: The Iowa Democratic Party Leadership Contest

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Democrats, Greens, liberal and lefties all, we took a beating on Election Day 2016.

Not only are we facing four years of a man whose response to the ivory tower elitism of Washington DC is to build a bigger, gaudier golden tower on the swamp he drained, but not before putting in industrial scale sewers, we also face an Iowa State House and Senate entirely controlled by the Republican Party. A Republican Party not interested in passing legislation to help people, but to strip away the last few protections citizens have from business and government. Pre-emption on minimum wage, the gutting of IPERS, continued theft from schools to cover for the environmental damage caused by unregulated corporate farming, attempts to ban or restrict rights to assemble or protest, the murder of union labor, the final dismantling of our mental health system; the horn has been blown and their wild rumpus is just starting.

In the face of this challenge, the Iowa Democratic Party is preparing for a leadership change. Progressives face interesting times in the next two years, but the level of interest in the IDP Chair race is a good sign. The people active in trying to bring positive change to Iowa recognize that the person elected by the IDP State Central Committee is going to be important in assisting them in their efforts. For the first time in nearly two decades, people are engaged in a process that usually has the funk of a smoky backroom attached to it. The new IDP Chair and Vice-Chairs will be selected this Saturday,  January 21st, 2017. Though members of the SCC will be the only ones to select the new leadership of the IDP, every Democrat in this state is welcome to give them feedback and input before they cast their vote.

To find the State Central Committee Member that represents your Congressional District or Identify Caucus click here.

You can also share your comments on the IDP Chair and Vice Chair contests here.

Race for the Chair Interviews

Below are links to interviews with the Iowa Democratic Party Chair candidates. In each interview, the candidates were asked the same three questions.

  1. The next Chair of the IDP is going to face an expanded role and challenges Democrats haven’t seen for more than 30 years. What past experience prepares you for the Chair?
  2. Democrats in Iowa, and nationally, failed to succeed with the electorate in the last cycle. What did we do wrong? What can we do better?
  3. Why should be selected as the next Chair of the IDP? What would you do to set a new course for the Iowa Democratic Party?

Derek Eadon

Sandy Dockendorff

Blair Lawton

Kurt Meyer

Kim Weaver

Mike Gronstahl and Bob Krause declined to participate.

Iowa Dems Ask Chair Candidates Questions

Below you will find the candidate’s responses to questions generated by crowdsourcing Iowa Democratic Party social media groups and pages. These questions were sent to each candidate to answer individually. Special thanks are due to David Kelso, Levi Grenko, Laura Hubka, Stephen Nein, Jan Johnson, Tony Thompson, David Auld, Max Knauer, Steve Siegel, Stacey Hirchak, and Paul Munley for submitting questions for the Chair candidates.

Derek Eadon

Sandy Dockendorff

Blair Lawton

Kurt Meyer

Crystal Defatte Interviews the IDP Vice Chair Candidates

An Interview With Jessica Fears, Candidate for Vice Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party

An Interview With Michelle Servadio, Candidate for Vice Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party

An Interview With Jordan Pope, Candidate for Vice Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party

An Interview With Jack Schuler, Candidate for Vice Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party

PVI’s Reporting on the IDP Leadership Contest

The Race for the Chair: The SCC Speaks

Phillips Announced Vice Chair Run, Bold Initiatives

Derek Eadon: Taking the Fight to the GOP in Iowa

OurRevolution Endorses Blair Lawton for Iowa Democratic Chair

Kurt Meyer Scores Another Endorsement

PVI Poll: Who Should Be the Next IDP Chair?

The Political Party Formally Endorses Kurt Meyer for Chair

IDP Chair Candidate Forum Held by Disability Caucus (Audio)

IDP Chair Candidate’s Forum at the SCC (Video)

IDP Chair Candidates Speak at Third District Meeting

The Process

If you aren’t familiar with the process the Iowa Democratic Party goes through you can find information below.

Rules for the Elections of Iowa Democratic Party State Officers 2017- 2019

Iowa Democratic Party Official Documents

Iowa Democratic Party State Central Committee Bylaws

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